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44years in Underwater ship service
32years in BRUSH-KART™ manufacturing
42BRUSH-KART™ hull cleaning stations worldwide
220BRUSH-KART™ in operation today worldwide




Utilizing many years of experience and constant client feedback, Piccard Divers Co. now offers five distinct versions of the BRUSH-KARTTM and a full array of consumables and spare parts, aiming to satisfy all the recurring needs of the commercial diving hull-cleaning professional.

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BRUSH-KARTTM  manufactured by Piccard Divers are examined in exhaustive factory preproduction and postproduction tests that ensure they have the greatest resilience and longest life cycle from all competitive products.

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Global Service Network



Through its ever-expanding base, Piccard Divers is well-positioned to address requests of the international shipping community and refer reliable service worldwide that can undertake Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing, and related underwater works.

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Piccard Divers was founded in 1973 in Piraeus and started as a diving company providing underwater ship maintenance services.

The Piraeus-based company started by servicing the major port of Greece, but with the 1975 introduction of the Brush-Kart in the Greek market, Piccard Divers was able to service many parts of Greece. The Piccard Brush-KartTM system, a real innovation in underwater hull cleaning, had instant recognition, playing an important role in the increased demand and job assignment. From 1975 to 1990 Piccard Divers has cleaned many vessels of every type above 150m. length.


In 1985, Piccard Divers, reacting to market changes, began to construct its own, improved in many ways Brush-Kart. The constant improvements on the new versions of the equipment resulted in more durable and effective work. Along with the service function of the company, Piccard Divers started promoting and selling the new Brush-Kart in Greece. After the first sales in Greece, interest from abroad followed, opening up new markets.

Launch of new Electric and Double Electric Version of Piccard Brush-KartTM. This version is using the vessel’s current or generator instead of the Diesel motor of the Power Pack.
Launch of new MINI Brush-Kart triple head with output 1,600-1,800m2/h. The smaller version of the triple head using the same Power Pack, hoses,, consumables and spare parts accommodating specific needs.

Existing in the Greek maritime field for almost 40 years, Piccard Divers has acquired a vast experience gaining technical, manufacturing and business expertise of the Piccard Brush-KartTM Underwater Hull Cleaning equipment.